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and mitt romney running neck and neck in the buckeye state. both continue to fight for every possible vote knowing the outcome could reshape the republican presidential race actually preview of today's contests straight ahead. >>> president barack obama stealing some of the limelight away from the gop. come this afternoon, all eyes will shift to the white house. >> it made me scared to ride the bus and be with some teenagers. why would they pick on fifth graders. why would they mess with me. >> this young girl shares her frightening experience on a metrobus that landed her in the hospital. fox 5's morning news at 7:00 starts right now. right now. >>> there is a live look outside from our tower cam. not a bad-looking start to the day. it is cold outside but it is a pretty start. good morning, everybody. i'm tony perkins. i'm allison seymour. >> happy you are with us on this tuesday morning. tucker barnes has a look at the forecast. forecast. >> bundle up as you head out the door. should be a nice day, lots of sunshine expected and a nice warming trend over the next several days. let's get g
5 on time traffic. >>> it is the morning after super tuesday of course, and mitt romney has reason to celebrate he won six of the sen states up for grabs. most of romney's victories were strong but just squeaked out a win over santorum in all important ohio. romney got 38% to santorum's 37%. it is another sign the republican race is not yet a done deal jennifer davis has our top story. >>> mitt romney was the night's biggest winner this republican race for the white house is far from over. it was in fact a super tuesday for mitt romney he won 6 out of 10 contests virginia, vermont, idaho, alaska his home state of massachusetts and pulled out a nail biter of a win in ohio. >> november 6th we are going to stand united not only having won an election, but having saved a future. >> he is not there yet romney did solidify his lead in the romney race. santorum had a strong night winning tennessee, oklahoma, and north dakota. >>> we are going to get at least a couple gold medals and a whole bunch of silver medals. >>> newt gingrich won his home state of georgia. he said it is a start of a
>> santorum sweep in the deep south as he breathes new life into his campaign mitt romney is still the man to beat. >>> plus an all day man hunt for a murder suspect ends in a rockville neighbourhood. what police say led a man to shoot his estranged wife and leave her for dead during morning rush hour. >>> new cloud hanging over the dc council involving possible campaign violations why federal subpoenas went out to a number of elected officials fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. >>> all right there you go, there is the start to your day this wednesday march 14th, it is going to be a spectacular day, it is amazing how quickly we have seemed to move right into a very pleasant string i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour it is right on time. >> it is pretty early. >> it might be early but it is right on time tucker barnes is back with us good to see you good morning. >> good morning everybody. yeah, if you enjoy temperatures about 25 degrees above normal you will love the afternoon forecast as we feature more warm temperatures. regan national, comfortable, 56 degrees. 50 dulles,
, northbound 5 at brandy wine. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> thanks julie mitt romney tops up another big win in the race for the presidential nomination he was a clear favorite for republicans in tuesday's primary yesterday after his big win he sent out an e-mail urging others to fall in line behind his bid. doug luzader joins us with a closer look at resulta look ahead. >> reporter: mitt romney leaves illinois with more than 40 delegates one big step closer to winning the nomination. >> what a night. thank you illinois. what a night. wow. >> reporter: it was a big night for mitt romney, his win in illinois was decisive, his support among republican voters there 47% that is a 12 point margin over rick santorum because ron paul and newt gingrich barely competed in illinois for santorum this was a critical day the closest he could come to a one on one with romney even after the loss is looking ahead. >> we will head to louisiana from here feeling very very good about winning louisiana on saturday i might add. >> reporter: the romney win did not come cheap he and his allies s
found themselves talking about a toy. >> what a night. >> good news and bad news for mitt romney after winning the illinois primary he snagged a coveted endorsement from former florida governor jeb bush but his communications director suggested his strategy may start with a new slate when and if he wins the nomination just like an etch a sketch. >> you are not looking for someone who is the etch a sketch candidate you are looking for someone who writes what they believe in, in stone and stay true to what they say. >> romney was quickly on damage control. >> i will be running as a conservative republican nominee, the policies and position. >> he is diffusing what are becoming big campaign issues, energy and gas prices he toured a solar power plant, today he will announce a keystone pipeline in oklahoma, something republicans have been demanding. >> since we are going to end our dependence on foreign oil we have to develop every single source of american energy. >>> ublicans will no doubt ask for more tony. >> thank you very much. >> it is 7:10 a.m. on a thursday morning. still ahead con
for newt gingrich to step aside saying a head to head contest between himself and romney should happen sooner rather than later. gingrich predicts he will win tomorrow's primaries he is calling romney the weakest gop front runner a ventry a win for romney -- century a win for romney could all but close out the nominating process. >>> an issue to play out in the polls is gas prices the cost of a gallon is up 12ยข over the past 2 weeks while some suggest president barack obama may be responsible for the high fuel costs others say that is not the case. >>> the president has been president because the gasoline doubled not exactly what he might have hoped for he says it is not my fault. >> gas prices fluctuate under every president they were over $4 a gallon under president bush not far before he left office these things go up and down regardless of party and president there is only so much a president can do. >> some experts say there is a chance prices could fall due in part to relatively soft consumer demand and increase in supply. >>> it is 7:09 a.m. on this monday morning check your ti
, the latest round in the fight for the republican presidential nomination delegate leader mitt romney is ahead in most polls and a lack of campaign organization has his biggest rival, rick santorum going into today's prime mare at a disadd -- primary at a disadvantage. >> this will be a real test for the romney come pain today they are -- campaign today they are hoping to pile on more delegates in what has become a protracted battle. mitt romney has a lot riding on illinois today, he is not yet the nominee but more and more he is playing the part going after president obama. >> he is out of ideas out of excuses in 2012 we got to make sure he is out of office. >> rick santorum is romney's biggest threat even though recent polls show him lagging. romney has vastly out spent everyone in illinois, 7-1 advantage over santorum alone. >> we've seen in the past elections that money just doesn't buy elections and if it did you know, mitt romney would have sewed up this nomination a long time ago he has been out spending the candidates 5, 6, 7, 8, 10-1 and not winning the election. >> santorum has anoth
. >> in the race for the republican nomination mitt romney takes ohio but not without sharing the super tuesday spotlight romney won the states you will see on this map in red, those states include ohio, idaho, virginia, vermont and massachusetts, rick santorum took the states of north dakota, oklahoma, tennessee, newt gingrich took the patch state ron paul went home empty -- peach state, ron paul went home empty handed. >> newt gingrich has 105, ron paul 47, 1,144 delegates are needed to secure the gop nomination joining us now to talk about results is john, political editor human events newspaper thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me tony. >> what happened last night let's start with ohio romney weeks out a win by 1%, of the vote but i would assume for romney's people a win is a win. >> a win is a win and i think very much as the late senator george achen of vermont said about the u.s. in vietnam he should declare a vickty and get out of super tuesday and move on. rick santorum did not file a full slate of delegates in the buckeye state so mitt romney came away with the gold from ohio
republican in the house threw his support behind mitt romney, eric cantor of virginia said romney is the only candidate who has come out with quote a bold pro growth pro jobs plan for the future. >>> romney and ron paul are the only candidates on the ballot in virginia. polls open 6:00 a.m., tuesday is also the same day voters in nine other states head to the polls in all 419 delegates are up for grabs so far mitt romney has won 203, santorum 92, gingrich 33 and ron paul has 25. >>> while romney leads in the delegate count, santorum isn't convinced romney is the guy that can beat obama in november. as for romney he continue to hit the campaign trail hard he spent sunday at a rally in knoxville. >>> what i want to do is not to transform america, into something we wouldn't recognize, but i want to restore to america, the values and principals that made us the greatest nation in the history of the earth. >>> romney and santorum are making last minute appeals to residents of ohio where polls show a neck and neck race ohio is considered the biggest prize because no republican nominee has ever beco
to vermont, right now, mitt romney is leading the pack in the delegate count with 203 delegates, santorum second with 92, newt gingrich 33 and ron paul has 25. >> i need your vote get out there and vote as many times as they let you. >> mitt romney leaving no stone turned in ohio -- unturned in ohio >> i did swing back and forth quite a bit i was looking at rick santorum but mitt romney has a good chance to win the presidency. >> more and more that is the romney argument, he is poised not to just have a good day in ohio but four other states as well massachusetts, vermont, virginia, idaho. >> people of ohio, you all know this is the biggest prize on super tuesday. >> rick santorum maybe losing steam in ohio a state he led a few days ago and missed the ballot deadline in some congressional districts here newt gingrich said he has to win georgia the state he represented in congress. ron paul may not win any state out right but is expected to pile up delegates in a number of contests everything though seems to come back to ohio not just for the primary. >> no republican president, not one w
to intimidate or harass anyone allison tony. >> mel, thank you. >>> mitt romney wins the illinois primary basically a two man race between romney and rick santorum romney mostly won in chicago area, santorum got support down state. ron paul and newt gingrich who did not campaign heavily in illinois were far behind with 9% and 8% respectiveically, romney thanked his supporters after results came in. >> under this president, bureaucrats, prevent drilling rigs from going the work in the gulf they keep coal from being mined impede reliable supply of natural gas they tell farmers what their kids are able to do on their farms. this administrations assault on freedom kept this so called recovery from meeting their projections, let alone our expectations. >> romney is holding a town hall meeting in maryland today, he will be at the american legion post in arbutus south of baltimore, later this afternoon. >>> a big day for maryland senator, she is being honored on the senate floor this afternoon after becoming the longest serving woman in congressional history she reached the milestone saturday br
, with maryland and d.c.'s primaries days away, mitt romney is gaining momentum with a slew of new endorsements. but will all the support finally help him clinch the nomination? doug luzader has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: pundits may argue about how effective endorsements are, but the bottom line is romney is getting big names behind him. as endorsements go, this was a big one. former president george h.w. bush. >> barbara and i are very proud to fully and enthusiastically endorse and support our old friend mitt romney. >> reporter: this may have been his biggest endorsement lately, but not the only one. earlier this week, rising gop star mark o rubio backed him, and there's word paul ryan could be next. former president bush did more than just offer support. he called on the party to finally settle what has become a brutal and protracted primary. >> i do think it's time for the party to get behind governor romney and it's time to hold them and time to fold them, i think it's time for people to get behind this good man. >> reporter: the fight continues with santorum in cal
at a reporter who kept asking way he opposes mitt romney. >> run against barack obama on the issue of health care because he fashioned the blueprint i have been saying it in every speech. quit distorting my words. if i see it, it is bull bleep. >>> santorum is repeatedly said romney is the worst candidate to face the president but not ruling out running as romney's vice presidential candidate he told a radio program yesterday of course quote i would consider being romney's running mate. >> newt gingrich struggling to keep his campaign a float with it low on funds he is reportedly charging supporters to pose in a picture with him charging $50 to be in a photo with him and posts them on his website he is canceling plans to visit north carolina this week and will instead be in dc and maryland which holds primaries one week from today on april 3rd. tony. >> allison a break through in richmond as virginia senate finally passes a budget plan the $85 billion budget plan funds virginia state government for two years avoiding a government shut down that would have kicked in july 1st. the senate budge
what the white house is doing to ease tensions. >> 110 delegates at stake while mitt romney looks to cement his status. >> more proof the district's efforts to fight street crime is paying off. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts rite now >>> there is a live lookout side at what is a beautiful start to the morning clouds, rain showers, it is quite mild this is tuesday march 13th, 2012 good morning everybody i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour and very excited about the warm temperatures gwen is standing by she has news how long we are going to have to have an umbrella in our back pocket. >>> things are improving let's look at our maps. wet weather in some areas moving its way out of the region in the next hour or so we will start to see a little bit of sunshine 58 degrees national airport, humidity 78%, elsewhere temperature wise we are ranging into the upper 50s and low 60s across the board for today we will see sunny breaks but that will heat up the atmosphere and create instability. a chance of storms this afternoon our high 76 degrees let's check with traffic. >>> checking o
right. >> oops. >> fresh off a win in puerto rico mitt romney and the rest of the republican presidential candidates set their sights on illinois with the latest polls are saying as we look ahead to tomorrow's big contest. >>> controversy in maryland over the right to keep digital tabs on job candidates and student athletes state lawmakers getting involved more details about a bill aimed to protect your privacy. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right now. >>> there is the music, you know what time of year it is. >> how pretty is that. >> beautiful shot. >> it is gorgeous like a post card. >> monday march 19th, 2012, this is a live look down at the tidal basin, cherry blossoms making an early debut this year the 5 week festival officially begins tomorrow when we officially welcome spring. >> none too soon as spring got a jump start a couple weeks ago. >> because it will be 80 today. no, it won't be >> i am tony perkins >> i am allison seymour as we just joked about it feels like spring out there it has been feeling like that for a couple weeks now. >> now tucker barnes will jo
in the the south he beat mitt romney and also gingrich who had been banking on wins in southern primaries in alabama santorum easily won with 35% of the vote, gingrich came in 2nd, 29%, barely beating mitt romney who also got 29%, it was a virtual tie really a much tighter race in mississippi where santorum got 33 to gingrichs 31%, gingrich is promising to stay in the race despite his second place showings. >>> the fact is in both states conservative candidates got nearly 70% of the vote if you are the front runner, if you are the front runner and you keep coming in third, you are not much of a front runner. >> mitt romney did win small contests in the pacific he won caucuss in hawaii and american samoa last night. >>> it might be a long shot but a bill that would penalize congress for failing to pass the budget will get a hearing today senate homeland security and government affairs committee will debate the no budget no pay idea today the group no labels proposed the idea if congress doesn't pass the budget every lawmakers pay check would get cut off. >> actor and activist george cloone
moves forward mitt romneys two main challengers are starting to feel the pinch in their pocket. >> will thomas is back with the closer role money is playing. >>> the big money headline has to do with the newt gingrich campaign it is in trouble financially, his campaign this morning he is reorganizing his team asking his campaign manager to leave, getting rid of a third of his staff cutting back on travel and making good use of twitter and facebook. >> after calling off a two day campaign trip to north carolina charging supporters $50 for a photo with the candidate newt gingrich faced questions in annapolis about the sustainability of his campaign. >> money is tight that is why we are trying to raise more money we cancelled to do things in washington. >>> winner takes all wisconsin primary, santorum held this campaign in beaver dam. he suggests last weekends win in please less and this clash with a new york time reporter, helped with fundraising though he acknowledged his financial disadvantage. >> quite hard but governor romney is supposedly spending 3.5, $4 billion here we are
to require helmets, and protective eye wear. >>> republican presidential front runner mitt romney is looking ahead to the maryland primary he made a campaign stop in baltimore suburb of arbutus yesterday while there he announced endorsement that he received from former florida governor jeb bush the primarys in maryland dc and wisconsin will be held april 3rd up next louisiana primary saturday. >>> mitt romney is defending himself against claims of flip flopping this started when his communications director was asked if he has been pushed too far to the right he said quote i think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign everything changes almost like an etch a sketch you can shake it up and restart it all over a gain. both santorum and gingrich immediately pounced on the remark. >> you are not looking for someone who is the etch a sketch candidate, you are looking for someone who writes what they believe in in stone, and stays true to what they say. >>> you will notice their pictures aren't permanent there is nothing locked down, you can redo it any time you want. >>> controversy is over
of the sunday primary. hoping to gain support and win delegates. trying to catch up to mitt romney. meanwhile mitt romney continued calling santorum an economic lightweight. romney laughed off a suggestion made by some of his campaign aides that it would take quote an act of god for santorum to be the nominee, then got back on message. >> i've got a million more votes from citizens than anyone else in this race. and the reason for that is i'm talking about my expertise in the economy and how i'm going to get the economy growing and put people back to work. >> meanwhile, despite many experts suggesting time is running out for newt gingrich, he is looking ahead to the louisiana primary. he considers that race, which is a week from tomorrow, to be half time. and he believes he can reset the whole race with a victory there. allison? >>> president barack obama continues to pick up the pace of campaign fundraising. he is off to chicago where he will attend two fundraisers and then the president will head to a high profile appearance in atlanta with film producer tyler perry and singer cee-lo green.
a recent run of primary wins and slew of new endorsements for mitt romney. since he is more than 500 delegates away, the others show no sign of leaving soon. the candidates battle it out tomorrow in louisiana's primary. >>> president obama is getting ready for his trip to asia this weekend. he heads to south korea late tonight to meet with more than 500 world leaders. the international summit in seoul will focus on keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists. president obama will also meet u.s. troops stationed in the de militarized zone between north and south korea. >>> it's 7:08. more headlines coming your way, including big developments in the case of the u.s. soldier accused in that horrific killing rampage in afghanistan. >>> plus, the coast guard takes action after a violation above the skies in d.c. but it's time to head back to the tidal basin with tony and allison. good morning again. >>> good morning to you once again, will, and good morningev as we said this morning, this year marks the 100th anniversary of these blooming cherry blossom trees. the efforts to br
. >>> results are in from wyomings republican caucuses, mitt romney won the nonbinding vote with 39%, rick santorum came in 2nd with 32%, ron paul won 21% and newt gingrich walked away with 8% wyoming holds two weeks of caucuses that ended yesterday. next week delegates will be chosen for the republican national convention. >> likely to be a sticking point for voters, rising gas prices, today president barack obama heads to new hampshire to shore up support for a second term that is the hope he is expected to talk about stripping away tax breaks for oil and gas companies and also on capital hill, a couple members of congress are calling on the white house to tap into the nations strategic oil reserve. >> >> i don't know what it is being used for, we are unlikely to have a nuclear war with the soviet union. >> as far as releasing oil from the strategic reserve the last time it happened was last year during the conflict with libya the white house won't say whether it is being considered now. >> allison the senate is voting to day on a part of president obama's health care law that requires e
that the gop is starting to rally behind mitt romney former president george h w bush is expected to endorse the republican front runner later today the two will appear at the former president's houston office this barbara bush backed romney last week their son former florida governor jeb bush gave his endorsement. >>> president barack obama continues his call for congress to end tax breaks to oil companies later this morning he is giving a speech from the rose go garden to urge congress to put an end to the what the white house calls billions in taxpayer dollars handed out to oil companies every year his address comes as the senate vets on repealing oil tax subsidies. >>> foxes doug luzader has more on where things stand this morning. >> reporter: this is now completely in the hands of the u.s. supreme court as we wait a decision and the white house is defending the case and their lawyer. one final day before a court that showed a deep split, what if the justices rule the federal government can't force all of us to obtain health insurance would the rest of the massive plan still stand. ruth
romney is blaming president obama for rising gas prices. he gave a speech in mississippi yesterday. >>> a controversial oil pipeline project is on hold again after the senate voted to block it from going forward. president obama personally lobbied democratic senators to vote against it. republicans argue that not moving ahead on the keystone pipeline from canada to texas is costing the u.s. thousands of jobs. the president wants more time to review the project because the proposed route takes the pipeline through sensitive areas in nebraska. tony? >>> allison, to the economy now, a breakthrough on greece's debt crisis. the country announced this managed to convince enough creditors to take big losses on its bonds and avoid default. it paves the way for the release of $170 billion in bailout funds. officials say 85% of private investors signed onto the deal and stock markets around the world are rising on that news. >>> a 30 minute video showcasing atrocities in uganda is gaining attention world wide. they're using social media to spread awareness about joseph kony and his lords res
with fundraising. >> governor romney is supposedly spending 3-point, $4 billion here we are not. >>> we have a secret weapon. >> santorum is referring to wisconsin voters with their help he has a shot at winning front runner mitt romney's not so secret weapon is his team's financial strength he is sounding more and more up beat. >> well, spirits are high actually, you know there have been high points and low points, it seems to be coming together. >> the commission said he has more than $1.5 million in outstanding debt end of february the former house speaker will be at georgetown university tonight due to speak in gaston hall at 5:00 p.m. on the topic of giving young americans the right to choose a personal social security account. tony. >>> ron paul is also in town he will hold a town hall meeting at ritchie coliseum, university of maryland college park hoping to pick up support from more young people as his campaign gains momentum with college students doors open at 7:00 p.m. >>> just about 7:11 a.m. on a wednesday morning virginia man is waking up with a new face this morning, thanks to
. >>> another sign the gop is rallying behind mitt romney, former president george h w bush expected to endorse the presidential front runner the day the two will appear together at the former president's houston office this afternoon former first lady barbara bush recently backed romney just last week their son jeb bush, also gave his endorsement. >>> coming up statue of a jazz legend has arrived in the district. >> we are going to send it out to will thomas there as the sculptor finishes his work hey will. >> reporter: tony, allison good morning. an icon is about to grace a dc neighbourhood for years to come. do you hear that music? jazz legend, duke ellington here is the sculpture that will be put into place today where you can see it in person, and you are going to meet the local artist responsible as we continue this morning here on fox 5 morning news dinner's ready. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks
. tony and allison back to you. >> thank you tucker. mitt romney wins yesterday's primary in the caribbean and former massachusetts governor is hoping to solidify his front runner status in tomorrow's primary in illinois he easily won the puerto rican primary with 80% of the vote allowing him to take all 20 delegates at stake yesterday the win might help with latinos who live in the state in november. he is already campaigning in the politically rough and tumble illinois. >> we appreciate the fact that you are going to be out voting on tuesday i need you to vote multiple times though. this is chicago right. >> polls show that romney should do well tomorrow but rick santorum is not far behind. allison. >> tony there are an estimated 500,000 black churches in america, and over 5 million unregistered voters inside the black church empowerment movement is a new initiative aimed at getting 1 million people to vote this is being led by a maryland pastor with more information is that pastor, reverend bryant pastor of empowerment temple in baltimore good morning thanks for coming
, romney second, newt gingrich third, ron paul fourth romney leads the race with 568 to santorums 273. >> john edwards is due in court facing charges of campaign finance violations accused of using nearly a million dollars in campaign money to cover up an affair and love child he used the money while running for president, edwards has pleaded not guilty. >>> dick cheney remains in intensive care unit following a heart transplant over the weekend the former vice president is recovering at a nova fairfax hospital he spent more than 20 months on the donor waiting list longer the average wait time of 6 months to a year he will have to take many medicines and under go intense rehabilitation. >>> the thing we have to worry about now is the next 24/48 hours infection, kidney failure, stroke and rejection but with today's modern medical care, hopefully he is going to live for many many more years. >> the medium survivability after a heart transplant is 12 years, cheney suffered five heart attacks over the last 25 years. >> coming up competition for the areas best mascot. >> holly and dave ros
're better off. >> reporter: mitt romney meantime is riding a wave. his wins in arizona and michigan have given him a big bump in one recent nationwide poll. 16 points ahead of rick santorum. the supertuesday and its ten states in play now loom large with both ron paul and newt gingrich hoping to pick up delegates. and gingrich says his home state of georgia is a must win. >> we have to win -- let employee just be clear, i have to win georgia i think to be credible in the race but if i win georgia, the following week we go to alabama and mississippi, i think i'll win both of those and we have a good opportunity to win in kansas. >> reporter: but while republicans go around the country, president obama enjoys the advantages of incumbency and a fundraising machine now working nonstop. the one thing republicans have going for them apparently is enthusiasm. a poll shows that gop enthusiasm is up over four years ago and democrats appear to be less enthusiastic than they were in 2008. all of that can challenge. in washington, doug lieu doug luzader, fox 5 morning news. >> he was talking about
upset when a new york times reporter repeatedly asked why he thinks mitt romney would be the worst republican to put up against president obama >> to run against barack obama on the issue of health care because he fashioned the blueprint i have been saying it in every speech quit distorting my words. if i see it, it is bull bleep. >> even though santorum says romney is the worst candidate to face the president he is not ruling out running as his vice presidential candidate he told a radio program yesterday of course i would consider being his running mate. >>> 8:10 a.m., tuesday morning next week voters in maryland and dc will head to polls for primary elections we will break down the most hotly contested local race coming up next fox 5 morning news. >> new trends in vision correction, not sure this is what you will have to wear think computer generated electronic eye wear something out of a sci-fi novel could soon come to your doctors office. 8:11 a.m.  >>> coming up 8:14 a.m., first thing we want to do is get a look at the weather. >> is that the first thing
and mississippi mitt romney hasn't been expected to do well in the deep south today but rick santorum and newt gingrich are splitting the conservative vote it is a 3 way tie going into today's primary hawaii and american samoa are holding caucuses today. >>> victory for latino voters in texas obama administration blocked a new law that would have required all voters in tex it is a to present -- texas to present a photo id before voting as of january 11% of all latinos in texas did not have proper identification. they failed to demonstrate the law would not infringe on voting rights. >>> a bill that would ban smokers from driving in a vehicle with a child less than 8 years old, is in is the senate. limiting the ban to children under 8 will make the law easier to enforce. joining us now on the phone with more information democratic maryland senator, who sponsored the bill senator are you there. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us. why do you feel this bill is necessary? >> well, yeah, it is the facts from the centers for disease control and hopkins medical centers and so many other places americ
as of today, romney has won 203 delegates, virginia votes on super tuesday with votes opening at 6:00 a.m. >> ron paul is weighing in on the tornado aftermath. paul doesn't think the federal government should send emergency aid to states hit by the storm he said there is no such thing as federal money during an interview it is just what the government steals from the state and tax payers he believes people who live in tornado zones should have insurance to pay for the damage. >>> many communities battered by those tornadoes are beginning to pick up the pieces dealing with mother nature once again parts of indiana and kentucky got hit with a cold front and are seeing snow and rain 39 people have been killed across five states the latest victim is a indiana toddler who passed away. rescuers are looking for more potential victims in rural areas and communities are working to restore cell phone and internet service. >>> making headlines, jury selection will begin today in the wrongful death trial involving that shooting rampage at virginia tech. school officials will be asked to explain the
. scheduled for a week from tomorrow. but mitt romney leads in the latest polls, ahead of the big illinois primary. set for next tuesday. >>> and president obama's campaign is releasing a 17 minute mini documentary, touting the president as a determined figure who confronted the economic downturn. the road least traveled is narrated by tom hanks and describes how the president handled a series of crises with tough decisions. the documentary was made by davis guggenheim who directed the al gore movie about global warming called an inconvenient truth. >>> coming up, strong storms ripped through michigan. we will take a look at the damage they left behind. >>> and there is a chance that your ground beef could have something called pink slime in it. still ahead, how the government is helping schools decide if they should give it to students. >>> plus, a big release from apple today. annie? >> good morning, tony. that's right. the i-pad 3 went on sale this morning at 8:00. that's where we, are here at the apple store in georgetown. er what ha apple users have -- hear what apple users have to sa
language. mitt romney is looking ahead to tuesday in illinois where he faces another crucial battle he will stop there tomorrow for the first time. >>> president obama speaking in maryland this morning the commander and chief will be at prince georges community college to talk about american energy he is due to highlight the colleges role in preparing workers for skilled trades like green construction and information technology. energy of course is becoming more and more of an issue in this year's presidential race. >>> last night at the white house the first couple threw a huge state dinner for britain's prime minister big names sat at the head table including actor george clooney, warren buffet on the menu, halibut from alaska, kale from the president, french wax beans, dessert, mire leal monopudding, hugle berries -- lemon pudding and huckle berries. >>> prison bound former illinois governor rob blagojevich speaks for the last time before he heads to prison. >> in hours march madness will be in full swing coming up next how the hoyas are preparing for march madness come tomorrow , ?
santorum, meantime fresh off his win in louisiana slamming the republican front runner he says mitt romney is quote the worst republican in the country to go up barack obama and the race is not over until the people of wisconsin sing. republicans in the district will get a chance to weigh in tonight, there is a straw poll at the republican annual lincoln douglas dinner. >>> time now 9 minutes after the hour. still ahead we are checking this mornings headlines including details about a deadly overseas attack involving a u.s. soldier. >>> a lot of excitement building in cuba where the faithful are preparing to welcome the pope for a historic visit. >> easing traffic in maryland at the cost of tax payers? there is a plan in the works to do just that. details next. next. >>> as we head to break a live lookout side there is your sunrise beautiful picture the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie up next 7:10 a.m. m.  >>> making headlines this morning an american soldier was killed by a roadside bomb in southern afghanistan over the weekend. he was with a joint
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